join award-winning photographer,
Paula Owen, on a transformational journey

JUNE 15-16, 2024

I understand how challenging it can be. That's why I've created the "Unmask Yourself" sessions. This experience is designed to guide you through a profound journey of self-discovery and photoshoot preparation.

Part 1: The Exposure Cycle
9am - 11am June 15th, Toronto

This unique group process, unlike anything else in the photography world, helps you connect deeply with yourself. Whether you're looking to capture the essence of your personal brand or preparing for a corporate photoshoot, this session will leave you feeling grounded and authentically you.

Part 2: The Photoshoot
40 minute time slots available. June 15th 12-5pm, June 16th 10-3pm

Because of the work we did in the exposure cycle, you will be ready to shine for the camera. Join me and transform the way you see yourself – and the way the world sees you.

What's included:

A 2 hour group Exposure Cycle session.

A private 60 minute intuitive reading and photo session
(1 location and up to 2 clothing changes).

Up to 10 participants

*Hair and make-up recommended, NOT included in the price.

Detailed communication will be given prior to this event

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Does the idea of getting your photograph taken make you cringe?

Transform Your Brand with My
"Unmask Yourself" Photo Sessions