I specialize in capturing moments that transcend time, offering not just visual delights but also a unique storytelling experience. Whether it's reliving cherished personal memories or creating a distinctive visual identity for your brand, my photography is about encapsulating your essence. Let me not only freeze those special moments but also curate a narrative for your brand, ensuring that each image reflects not just a scene but a story – your story.

In my front entryway, there hangs a black and white photograph capturing a time when my children were much younger. I'm seen in the image, wearing a bright, broad smile. As I gaze at this picture, I'm reminded of a younger version of myself—full of hope and brightness. However, I also recall the challenges of those days: sleepless nights, crying children, the constant exhaustion, and feeling frazzled. The photo was taken for a family portrait to be sent back to Canada while we were living in Australia. At the time, I thought, 'Ugh... oh well, it will do.'

Fast forward to today, and I find myself stopping and staring at that girl in the photograph. Surprisingly, the exhaustion has vanished, replaced by a profound love in her eyes for her babies and her husband. What was once a moment captured in a photograph has become a cherished memory that tells a story of resilience and enduring love.

so glad you are here!

Your Moments, Your Story,
Captured with Heart.


I am South African born and moved to Canada in 1996 when I had just finished high school. I have lived in Uganda, Australia, Namibia back in South Africa for a while and then back to Canada. 
Packing a bag to see a new place is likely my most favourite thing to do.

traveling makes me oh-so-happy

My husband and I started a not for profit in 2008. We work primarily in Uganda where we help villagers have access to clean water.

Find out more at www.gardafrica.ca

I have an NGO in Uganda
(not for profit)

Funny stories... well the shot at one not so much. I have met the President of Uganda and the President of Namibia. The Namibian president I met while sitting in a restaurant and he came and sat near us with an entourage. I thought he was a wealthy business man. We ended up chatting late into the night telling stories. Next day we went to a museum and as we walked in my husband says, "Oh gees, there's your drinking buddy!" and it was a photo of the President and yup, same guy!  I'll tell you about being shot at when we do your shoot :)

I have met 2 presidents and been shot at ;)

I taught myself to read at age 4 and haven't stopped since. I love a good mystery or anything to do with WWII.
Living in beautiful Squamish, BC, we have access to so much hiking. It is a past time I have really learned to love over the years.
Any um snakes... deathly afraid!  Like to the point of where I black out! 

i love hiking, reading hate snakes

There is a yount Paula living in a village called Adakingo near Lira, Uganda. Her parents named her after me. It is probably one of the things in my life that I feel most blessed about. To be someones namesake is truly special!
I currently support her family financially. To learn more about Calvin, Paula's older brother, and his brain tumour journey keep watching my instagram feed.

i have a child named after me in Uganda

I started baking as a young child, my mother was not home often and I had one of those childhoods that now might seem too free but I had a lot of freedom. I also love to paint so baking and painting with icing seem to be a natural marriage of my two loves. 
These are just for fun :)

i love baking cakes and Painting






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As a wife and mother of two (growing too fast) kids, I understand the whirlwind of busy life and the tendency to delay getting photographs done. I also know the challenges of coordinating everyone, selecting the right outfit, and more. Yet, when it's all said and done, and those photographs are in your hands – shared and cherished – the initial stress fades away. My focus is on crafting memories, making your experience enjoyable, straightforward, and, above all, delivering stunning images you can take pride in. Let's not only capture moments but also create a visual narrative for your brand. I'm eager to discuss and plan your session with you.

I cherish the authenticity of real and raw moments – those unforgettable slices of life you can't fathom not reliving. I'm here to ensure you can revisit those days, capturing not just memories but crafting a visual narrative. Through my lens, your brand's story becomes a collection of moments to be cherished, experienced, and shared, over and over again.

My Philosophy